Program to find the Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

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What is meant by quadrilateral?
    A shape which has four straight sides is called quadrilateral shape

What is meant by Rectangle or Parallelogram?

    Such a quadrilateral which has four right angles (angle 90 Degree) triangle is called rectangle

Formula: Area of rectangle:  height*width

 Perimeter of rectangle:  2*(height+width)

C++ program to find the Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle:


using namespace std;

int main()


    int width,height,area,perimeter;

    cout<<"Enter  Width of Rectangle = ";


    cout<<"Enter  Height of Rectangle = ";



    cout<<"Area of Rectangle ="<<area<<endl;


cout<<" Perimeter of rectangle are = "<<perimeter<<endl;

return 0;



Sample Output:

Image view of Code:

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