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Creating file in Turbo C++

Step 1:
Go to drive where Turbo C is installed then go to bin folder
Click on turbo c icon then follow steps
Create a file:
Open menu by using cursor or type shortcut key ALT+F4 then select new to open new file.
Step 2:
Save a file:
To save a file select save from menu or press F2 shortcut key.
Then a box will appear like that
Then before extension .cpp an asterisk will appear or you will see a word "noname" remove asterisk or noname word and replace it your file desired name e.g. first.cpp and then press OK your file will save in respective directory.
RECOMMENDED way naming to your file:
Name your file or program to less than or equal than six characters otherwise compiler can face problem to execute a program which have greater name than six characters.  
Step 3:
Compile a program:
To compile a program go to menu bar and select compile option or press short cut key ALT+F9
Then compiler will show how many errors, warnings and lines executed in your program and also identify line number in which error is found.
Step 4:
Running a program by using Turbo C++ menu bar.
To run program go to menu bar select the run option or press shortcut key ALT+F5.


  1. hello all
    i am bit confused about turbo c++ and that is when i opened turbo c++ or want to open a new file it always opens or shows the previous saved file and i had to close so many saved previous file in order to open a new file if there is any help please suggest so that i can directly open new file without having to close the previous saved files
    please send suggestion to this email nvnrai8@gmail.com

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  3. How to save the file in desired location which is not in C Drive?

    1. How to save the file in desired location which is not in C Drive?

  4. How to save a C file ? Is it simply .C or something else?