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Define source code, object code, compiler and interpreter

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What is a Program or a Software?
Set of instructions given to the computer to solve any problem is called a program. A program is written in a computer language

Define programming languages ?
  • User can learn and understand high-level language(HLL) easily. 
  • The instruction of HLL are written in English Statements. 
  • The programs of HLL are not directly executed on the computer. 
  • A language translator is required to translate the HLL into low level language. 

What is low-level language (LLL)?
A language which is close to machine language
The low level language requires a deep understanding of the machine architecture.

What is machine language ?
  • It is the native language of computer . 
  • Every machine language instruction consist of 0's and 1's. 
  • It is difficult for human beings to understand and learn it. 
  • And it is also difficult to locate remove errors in the program. 
  • It is directly executed by the computer. The machine language programs are machine dependent. 

What is meant by program portability?
The programs written in HLL are closed to human language and programs are machine independent i.e. a program can be run o different types of computers this is called program portability.

Define source code?
The program written in HLL is called source program.
The computer does not understand the source code.
The source code is converted into machine code and then it is directly executed ton the computer.

What is Object Program ?
The program which is written in a machine language is called object program the computer understands the object code directly.
What is Linker C programming?
  • The linker is a program that combines the object program with additional library files and produces one executable file with .exe extension. 
  • Linking is a process is which the object file is produced by the compiler is linked to many other files by linker 
  • What is Loader in C programming?
  • For execution, the loader loads the executable files in the memory. 
  • It is also system software in turbo c++ compiler Ctrl+F9 key is used to load and run the program. 
  • The executable file (.exe) runs directly on the computer after loading process. 

What is Language Processor or a language Translator?
It is software that is used to translate the HLL programs into machine language.
Each language has its own translator.
There are three types of language processor
  1. Compiler 
  2. Interpreter 
  3. Assembler 

What is a compiler?
A Translator which translates the source code into object code and the whole program is translated at the same time.
If a program contains other than logical errors then compiler cannot convert the source code into machine code until all the errors are removed from the source program.

What is an Interpreter?
A translator which translates the source code into object code statement by statement.
The working of interpreter is slower that the compiler. Any error in the program stops execution.

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