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In today’s world, technology is everywhere and for millions of us it’s a vital part of our lives. With jobs in the field of technology rapidly crushing the competition and ranking amongst some of the highest paying careers (many positions offering experts in the field annual base salaries of £57,000), there’s never been a better time to escape the grind and enter the world of code. 

At Europe’s #1 developer bootcamp, Makers Academy, our job is to help fast-track you into your role as a developer. Makers Academy is a bustling educational academy located in the heart of “Tech City,” dedicated to teaching our students how to become professional developers in just 12 weeks! Through a mixture of workshops, engaging exercises, projects, pair-programming, classroom break-out sessions, daily lectures and stand-ups and end of the week tests, our students quickly become proficient in HTML, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery, Git and Heroku, Software Design and Agile / Lean methodologies, all while having fun and making life-long friendships. 

Makers Academy students are placed in an immersive environment, supported by expert coaches who are always ready to help. We understand that no two people learn in quite the same way, and this real-life interaction allows us to tailor our teaching to best fit every individual student. Our award-winning curriculum was developed with the finest software engineers and once admitted, students will spend about 15-20 hours per week learning the basics in our 4 week Pre-Course. They’ll then enrol in the Main Course where, on average, they will spend up to 70 hours per week honing their craft by engaging in practical exercises in the presence of trained experts. The final week of our program is dedicated to making you job-ready. This is when our dedicated placement team will closely work with you to help you land your dream job as a Junior Developer. Some of the top coding companies who continue to hire Makers Academy graduates include: PivotalLabs, Globaldev, Newbamboo, Mintdigital, Sky, Springer, Workshare, ThoughtWorks, Deloitte Digital, Mergermarket and many others. In many cases, just weeks after graduation Makers graduates are placed in developer positions earning anywhere from £25,000 to £40,000 per year!

Interested in joining the Makers Academy but can’t make it all the way to London to enrol? Then Ronin might be for you. To provide non-local coders with the same engaging, intensive learning experience, Makers Academy launched Ronin - a breakthrough course that leverages everything we’ve learned at Makers Academy to help people all over the world learn how to code all from the comfort of their home. Students will learn through creative, project-driven development and spend 12-16 weeks simulating life as a real developer. Ronin students will leave the program with at least 3 completed projects and the same dedicated assistance of our placement team to find them amazing jobs after graduation.

A career in code can open doors you’ve never imagined. It did for our graduates and they now work in fulfilling, challenging jobs that they love in an ever-growing industry that isn’t going away anytime soon. At Makers Academy, you won’t just learn syntax; you’ll learn how to become a real engineer. So whether you’ve always had a love for code or simply want to escape your boring career and see what all the buzz is about, apply to Makers Academy today and learn how your life can change for the better in just 12 weeks!  

Visit Makers Academy for pricing details and to learn more! 


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