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Compiler downloading,installing,setting directories and working

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What is a Compiler?
"A compiler is a language translator which converts one  language to other language"  In a C language program compiler converts high level language to low level language and generates results   
There are lots of compilers for C++ usually three compilers are used in start to learn programming 
1)Turbo C++    2)Borland   3)Visual studio 4) Code blocks C++
if you are beginner of 
programming i will recommend you Turbo C++
Installing TURBO C ++
Step 1> Download Turbo C++
Step 2> save the file.

Step 3> Open the file tc3.zip, find
INSTALL.exe from its contents and double click to open it.

Step 4> A new window should open up now, press ENTER.

Step 5> Enter the drive letter you want to install turbo c on and press ENTER.

Step 6> Now on following screen type the source path or press ENTER to select the default path.

Step 7> After this just press F9 on the screen that follows to continue installation.

CONGRACTULATIONS you have set up turbo c on your computer successfully
This tutorial is for Installation of Turbo C on windows XP 32-bit.
If you are a windows 7(64 bit OS) user first you have to download Dos Box to run Turbo C++

Download Dos Box

To set Directories in Turbo C
1.open turbo C
2.Go to options from menu bar.

3.select directories.

then compiler will show menu option like that

4.In first two options write the path where u have installed compiler.
5.In second two options write the path where u want save your file or program.

Working of Compiler
It is very important to understand how compiler works during the execution of program.Compiler works from top to bottom and left to write.

like that our typing method we type word by word left to write and top to bottom.

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