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What is a C++ Language ?

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What is a  C++ Language ?
 "A set of instructions given to computer to solve some specific task is called a program"

        "C++ is a language in which instructions are written "
Description about language  
  In computer world there are two types of language 
                  1) High  Level Language     2) Low Level language

High level language
"A language which is easily understandable for human is called high level language"
  C++ is a high level language  

Low level language or Machine language
As name refers:

"A language which is not understandable for human is called low level language"

Machine language is low level language in which instruction are written in zeros(0)  and ones(1) which human can’t understand but computer can understand. 0000001110101

What is a C++ Compiler?  

 "A compiler is a language translator which converts one language to other language"

In a C language program compiler converts high level language to low level language and generates results.
Compilers like Turbo C++, Visual Studio, Codeblocks and Dev c++ are usually use to code C++ programs.


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