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Differ pass by value and reference c++ example

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Pass by value in C++ Programming
In this method we call a function by passing a value. A new copy of value is made and send to functions body. Where operations are applied on new copied value.

  • New copy is made of value after passing so if changes go wrong the original data will be save
  • It increase the security of data
  • If the data is huge making too much copies may cause system over head.

Pass by reference in C++ Programming
In this method we call a function by its reference using address operator. It don't make a copy of data and pass the address of value to the function. Where operations are applied on the reference of value and changes made permanently to data.

  • When data is large it reduce the copies of data and creates less system overhead.
  • Security of data can be weak because the real information is accessible and can be changed 

C++ function example of both ways pass by value and pass by reference
In this example there are two functions one calculates a cube of number with value and other calculates cube of number with reference. With value returns result and with reference not return result.

using namespace std;

int pass_Value(int);
void pass_reference(int &);
int main()
    int num1,num2;

    cout<<"Enter First Number: ";cin>>num1;
    cout<<"Enter Second Number: ";cin>>num2;


    int result=pass_Value(num1);
    cout<<"\t\tPass By Value Result: "<<result<<endl;

    cout<<"\t\tPass By Reference Result: "<<num2<<endl;

    return 0;


int pass_Value(int number)
    return (number*number*number);

void pass_reference(int &number)

Input Output Example:

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Explanation of functions

  • First function is simple we received a value calculate its cube and return simply the new result.
  • In second function we applies changes using reference of number we sent so no need to return here. As changes are made permanently.

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